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Arcadia • [ar-KAY-dee-uh]


               1 Place offering peace and simplicity

               2 Harmony with nature

               3 Very pleasant and quiet place or scene

Let us help guide you in having a life filled with love and vitality –mentally, physically, and relationally through counseling and therapy services directed to help individuals, marriages and families.


Depression is one of the most prevalent types of psychiatric disorders affecting over 3 million American adults annually. It’s normal to feel occasional sadness but clinical depression goes much deeper than this.  The affected individual will often endure more severe sadness that lasts for a longer period of time.


Perhaps the most difficult and rewarding relationships in life are marriages.  Marriage counseling helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Through marriage counseling, you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding and strengthening your relationship or going your separate ways.


Everyone experiences occasional anxiety due to everyday life. People with anxiety disorders, however, tend to experience intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. When these feelings reach extremes, they can result in an anxiety attack or panic attack and can often interfere with an individual’s everyday activities and can be difficult to control.

We help you find healing.

Contracted with Most Insurances

Arcadia Counseling is contracted with many insurance companies including Regence, SelectHealth, Molinia, EMI, United Behavioral Health, University of Utah, TriWest, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and many more.

Will Work with Ecclesiastical Leaders

We can work with your ecclesiastical leader to provide you the counseling you need and with your approval, communicate with your bishop or leader.

Accept Self Pay

If you do not have insurance or would rather not use your insurance, we accept self-pay.  This payment is due at the time of your appointment.

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